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Resume Service

HOFFMANN SEARCH LLC Resume Writing Service offers prices to fit your particular needs.  We believe resume text is critical in attracting the right employer. Your resume is prepared with your qualifications and competencies in mind, professionally formatted, and is guaranteed to be delivered within your specific time request.  Customer service and support is paramount in understanding your needs and your experience in order to achieve a well-written CV in helping you secure the “right”fit". 

  Interview and Coaching Service

HOFFMANN SEARCH LLC Interviewing and Coaching Service is essential to you, the candidate, in landing the job you want. Our service is to assist you at the most important time – on your first interview! Your employment depends on your “resume”, how you “communicate on your initial interview”, and how you “present yourself and your qualifications” to your prospective employer.  Our initial consultation is at no cost to you.  We are "dedicated" to helping you.


The cost to you is assessed by a personally “customized  fit”  for your individual needs at your initial consultation.

We will be happy to discuss our pricing and how we can assist you in the most optimal way.  Our goal is to provide you with a cost effective service designed for your unique needs and "your success" in a current or transitional career. 


Please call on us to evaluate your professional needs - thank you for contacting us!    


Janice Hoffmann, Principal
Hoffmann Search LLC
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